Anatomy Of A Backpacker

There is glory in covering landscapes, seeing once-in-a-lifetime sites, deciphering cultural customs, eating street cuisine, learning new languages, figuring out transportation, and wondering where I’m going to sleep.

What is this place we’re living in? Society, I guess that’s what they are calling it these days, I call it a Social Prison. We are like animals caged within the concrete jungle, viciously tearing each other apart for that next promotion.

It’s a conspiracy; they are trying to turn us into robots. Its time we pack our bags and hit the roads, it’s time for us to shake loose these business suits and stubborn shells we call ours in the world and go back to the way things were supposed to be. Like we were meant to live in the wilderness, eat raw meat, make fire from rocks and fight larger animals. The primitive life, it’s the way of life.

Backpacking is without doubt one of the most exciting moments before a long awaited trip. The world itself has evolved from an activity to a culture and community of people sharing similar values. One can often see a backpacker walking and exploring the city streets, hiking from one mountain peak to another or just chatting with people and exploring the local culture.  As I have found that the modern backpacker is a person who moves from one place to another with ease. Let’s take a closer look at the anatomy of a backpacker and how they manager to keep the positive comfort of their trips limited to one bag only.

The info graphic below is highlighting the necessary backlog from surviving bad weather or protect your eyes from the sun rays.


  • Wide Brimmed Hat: The hat must have been an exchange or found on a trail but its worth it protecting the backpacker from the harsh sun rays.
  • Dark Sunglasses: They reduce the glare of the snow capped peaks and often are the cause of a reduced vision. The backpacker looks smart in them. Generally these are the wayfarers big and black.
  • Heavy Camera: The most prized possession of the backpacker. This camera has seen it all and has been with the backpacker from day 1 recording the world around him in frames and creating stories of long lost nostalgia.
  • Compass: Usually broken but points north always, guiding the backpacker to the next valley in search of a new day.
  • Map: The map was picked off a store probably when he started off his adventures but has not been opened yet. The backpacker has gone beyond just poking his nose up the map to exploring with the locals. His new map is the locals.
  • Dirt, and plenty of it: The dirt has stories of last nights amazing bonfire parties or the pain the backpacker has endured in reaching the destination from crossing rivers to mud swamps or  the high peaks to brown dusty and rugged valleys.
  • Small cut: This could just be a small cut or a Moral wound depends who is listing to the backpacker today. The story behind it is long and the pain worth it.
  • Drops of blood: Markings on the trails to trace back his steps if needed. The blood loss is not huge but the marks are like a tigers pug marks.
  • Rugged boots: The boots have been with him before he started on this life long adventure. The boots help in accidentally stomping stuff
  • Big ol’ calves:  Calves as big as that of a lion, the backpacker has endured long hikes and treks along the varied regions carrying a bagful of memories and luggage. The calves are the gifts of this adventure.
  • Zipoff shorts: The pant legs have been long lost, still the shorts work perfect.
  • Patch: The shorts have a patch badly sewn but the patch has a story from the encounter with cactus while walking across the desert.
  • Extra socks: Both the socks don’t match, its perfectly fine we are backpacking not going to a fashion show.
  • Sleeping pad: The sleeping pad has become too thin and now the earth below can be felt.
  • Water: The water is never enough but whatever he has its for hydrating himself from the long walks across cities.
  • Heavy backpack: The heavy backpack is there to hold all the important stuff, form medical kit to food. This sack is like a magic sack, when opened it has stories of wanderlust and vagabonding from his past travels.
  • Trail buddy: The buddy is his soul friend while walking alone in the valleys. The buddy has heard stories and ramblings from the enduring pains and agony of the backpacker.
  • Woodpecker feather: Found on trail, now its there on the hat to mark his tribe. The tribe of a traveller.
  • Hole in the hat: The hat might have a hole but the head of the backpacker is strong. He has left all that was his behind and walked the less travelled road with courage and the fear of the unknown.

Grab that hiking bag of your from the store room, you’ll need a tent, a knife, a flash light what else? I guess some water a pair of sunglasses would be fine enough.  Hey grab me the pair of hiking boots please, I thought I already had them.



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