21 Signs You’re A Backpacker

  1. You’ve flown Indigo Airlines so many times that sitting in coach on any other airline feels like first class.
  2. You can’t imagine a vacation where you don’t pack your own towels and pillowcase.
  3. You’ve mastered the art of staying out until 5 a.m, and still waking up in time to snag the free hostel breakfast.
  4. You’ve got Xe.com bookmarked, and your most frequently used app is your currency converter.
  5. You’re skilled at sneaking your way into higher-class seats on trains, flights. I mean, hey, if the seat’s empty, you might as well sit there.
  6. You’ve run out of passport pages. Again.
  7. You know how to change your clothes, settle into bed, and get dressed in the early morning using only the light of your cell phone — to keep from disrupting everyone else in your hostel room who’s sleeping.
  8. Getting a few bruises and accidentally washing your face with contact solution is the price you’re willing to pay for a INR 500 room.
  9. You have more than 70 million of plug sockets to fit any switch board of the world.
  10. You know how to ask for directions to the bathroom, train, and airport in roughly 30 languages.
  11. You take the phrase “packing light” to an entirely new level.
  12. You sign up for every free city tour available — then head to the bar with the coolest people you meet there when it’s done.
  13. You know how to negotiate at markets like it’s your damn job. “So how about…THREE bricks of cheese for 2 euros?”
  14. Street food is perfectly acceptable — nay, preferred — for lunch AND dinner.
  15. You’re well-versed in the many name and flavor variations of your favorite snacks across the globe.
  16. You know which credit cards don’t charge foreign transaction fees and which ones offer the best rewards for travel.
  17. You can’t relate to the agendas recommended by most travel magazines and travel sites because you are poor.
  18. You basically live on Couchsurfing.org and Hostelworld.com.
  19. But you pretty much have a free place to crash anywhere on the globe after meeting such awesome people in all the cities you’ve visited!
  20. And you don’t think twice about sharing your space when an international buddy needs a place to stay either.
  21. You can’t be in one place for longer than a month before extreme wanderlust sets in.

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