1.  Travel makes you want to go off the beaten path.
2.  Travel captivates you.
3.  Travel is happily random.
4.  Travel makes you like your life.
5.  Travel makes you vulnerable.
6.  Travel is a Teacher.
7.  Travel lets you experience firsts.
8.  Travel makes wow moments.
9.  Travel helps you create greatness in your life.
10.  Travel helps you figure things out.
11.  Travel helps you remember.
12.  Travel helps you savor the world of food.
13.  Travel helps you invent your own cuisine.
14.  Travel takes your breath away.
15.  Travel empowers you.
16.  Travel makes you do crazy thingsphoto credit: <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/maddiegascar95/5888378961/">athene.noctua</a> via <a href="http://photopin.com">photopin</a> <a href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/">cc</a>

17.  Travel makes the ordinary extraordinary.
18.  Travel feeds your imagination.
19.  Travel makes you see real people.
20.  Travel makes great stories.
21.  Travel makes you feel good.
22.  Travel is an act of boldness.
23.  Travel makes you daring.
24.  Travel helps you search your soul.
25.  Travel is colorful.
26.  Travel lets you live like local.
27.  Travel shows you how beautiful world is.
28.  Travel makes it OK not to fit in.
29.  Travel brings you peace.
30.  Travel lets you realize how much there is worth fighting for.
31.  Travel lets you experience different flavors of familiar things.
32.  Travel lets your inner child escape.
33.  Travel is fun.
34.  Travel makes you open to possibility.
35.  Travel humbles you.
36.  Travel changes your life.
37.  Travel makes the world feel like home.
38.  Travel makes you a better person.
39.  Travel makes you cool.
40.  Travel teaches you lessons.
41.  Travel makes you smarter.
42.  Travel makes you slow down.
43.  Travel makes you open your mind.
44.  Travel lets you discover.
45.  Travel allows you to see the world from different perspective.
46.  Travel inspires you.
47.  Travel lets you collect cool souvenirs.
48.  Travel helps you escape.
49.  Travel helps you keep life in perspective.
50.  Travel makes you smile.
51.  Travel makes you fall in love.
52.  Travel brings you closer to the people you love.
53.  Travel helps you get in touch with your roots.
54.  Travel lets you experience things which you have never imagined.
55.  Travel shows you the joy of returning to the place you love. .
56.  Travel surprises you.
57.  Travel makes wine taste better.
58.  Travel makes you enjoy discomfort.
59.  Travel makes you believe in kindness of strangers.
60.  Travel makes you feel younger.
61.  Travel makes you proud.
62.  Travel lets you be found.
63.  Travel lets you get lost.
64.  Travel changes you.
65.  Travel educates you.
66.  Travel makes you rethink stereotypes.
67.  Travel makes you see the world anew.
68.  Travel is magical.
69.  Travel gives you plenty of opportunities to revel in kitsch.
70.  Travel lets you live like a rock star.
71.  Travel reminds you how lucky you are.
71.  Travel gives you inner peace.
72.  Travel makes you happy.
73.  Travel helps you disconnect.
74.  Travel makes you willing to step out of your comfort zone.
75.  Travel invites you to be yourself.
76.  Travel reminds you of the beauty of the nature.
77.  Travel makes you grow as a person.
78.  Travel makes memories.
79.  Travel gives you an excuse to learn a new language.
80.  Travel makes history come alive.
81.  Travel shocks you.
82.  Travel gives you new friends.
83.  Travel equals freedom.
84.  Travel can bridge generational divides.
85.  Travel makes you more creative.
86.  Travel makes you appreciate home.
87.  Travel gives you chance savor good food.
88.  Travel gives you relief from everyday life.
89.  Travel makes you thankful.
90.  Travel makes friends out of strangers.
91.  Travel heals you.
92.  Travel gives you things to be happy about.
93.  Travel helps you face your fears.
94.  Travel challenges you.
95.  Travel helps you discover new ways of living.
96.  Travel gives you a chance to learn new things.
97.  Travel teaches you to relax.
98.  Travel creates connections.
99.  Travel makes you brave.
100. Because you cannot leave your beloved alone at home



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