My Travelling & Adventure Highlights of 2013

The year started with planting a seed and i saw it grow for 365 days. Today as the book came to an end i look back and see how much have i travelled thorough the year. Many people were involved directly or indirectly in making this year so prominent in my life. Be it the ones who hated me from the bottom of  their hearts as they saw me travelling every time or the ones who were ready to lend their help at every point of time. I am grateful to all of you !

  1. The Mughal Walk of the unseen regions of Agra
  2. Hitchiked a ride to Jodhpur
  3. Tramping across Mandore, Jodhpur, Osiyan & Rohet
  4. Walked along the old walls of jodhpur city
  5. The haunted fort of Bhangarh
  6. Rock Climbing Level 1 Complete
  7. MP visit
  8. Indore
  9. Lost My back pack (Camera, lenses, laptop, hard drives, cash and memories)
  10. Mandu
  11. Maheshvar
  12. The Indian Tomatina (Indore ki holi)
  13. Road Trip To Manali
  14. Hiking in Jagatsukh Region
  15. Hiking in Manali van region
  16. Road Trip to Jispa
  17. Crossed From Manali region to lahaul Region On foot over Rohtang La
  18. Crossed bhaga barefoot
  19. Corssed Bhaga on rope bucket bridge
  20. Tasted Arak and Chang
  21. Feasted on Churpe (yak butter)
  22. Hitchhiked a ride back to Manali (300 Km at 0 Rupees)
  23. Climbed Rohtang Jot
  24. Rode an ATV from Manali to Dhundi
  25. Climbing in the Dhundi region
  26. Road trip to Chandigarh
  27. Meditated in Monastries of Lahaul
  28. Motorcycle trip to Spiti
  29. Hiked to Chandra Taal
  30. Saw a mountian glaciers snout first time
  31. Reached the source of Chandra River
  32. Spent 70 rupees over a shitty cup of tea
  33. Rode 300 km while i was wet in the himalays
  34. Danced and Sang to Slovak songs in a shitty bar
  35. Cycled in the apple orchards of Manali
  36. Made new friends from across the globe
  37. Food tour of Agra
  38. Lunch trip to Gwalior
  39. Dinner ride to jaipur
  40. Started Cycling
  41. Cliff Jumping
  42. Rafting
  43. Meditated in the forest along the shore of a river
  44. Read 35 Books on travel and mountaineers
  45. learnt to play a Djembe
  46. Started cycling
  47. Founded Clix Trix
  48. Finally was able to grew a Handlebar Mustache

This is for all those who helped me during the year

  1. Mom, Dad and the entire family who were back home always supporting me to go on and on.
  2. Roads Less Travelled ( for always inspiring me to travel more and more and of course alloying leaves whenever I needed.
  3. Manika Negi (Allegories of a lifetime)for lending me all th support she could from lending me her camera after I lost mine to hearing out my nomad stories again and again
  4. Preet Chhatwal became a founding partner for Clix Trix
  5. Samridhi Bhardwaj because of whom the Sipti ride was possible
  6. Cam Gicquel for making me think out of the box
  7. Peter and from Slovika who made me dance all night before a hectic ride
  8. Jax, Able, Stacy, Walter, Jane, Claudia, Pete, Akanksha all supported me in some way of the other

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