An Introduction To Who I Am

I am a being plagued by wanderlust
and have never felt younger
than I do today at twenty.
My mind,
the well trained and conditioned machine
that is the product of a childhood
cursed with a rigid mentality,
is at war with my soul,
the feather struggling to free itself
from the body it has become too familiar with
so that it can ride the air currents
to all of the hidden places of the world.
I am a lover, not a fighter,
but I will fight for what I love,
I am love…
at least it is what I seek to be,
but society has brain washed me
and I’m straining to decipher the riddle
of where truth lies among the dishonest
propaganda and ignorant beliefs
that are preached to the trusting public,
waiting to receive the sound waves
that traveled all the way across wires
and through space to whisper deceit
into easily convinced ears.
I am a student of the world around me,
a writer recording the truth as life presents it
so that even when my body fails to keep them safe,
the memories that have inspired me will survive.


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