5 Reasons Why You Will Never Travel Around the World


What if I told you that you will never be able to travel around the world if you kept on doing what you do. I know this for a fact because If you are already traveling, you won’t be reading this right now.

You may argue that you are currently working your ass off, saving money, having a secure job and then you will travel when everything is ready. I hate to burst your bubble, but if you continue to live like this, you will never succeed unless you change your believes.

Today, I’ll tell you 5 reasons why you will never achieve your dreams unless you change it. 

1. You focus on saving money now and so you can travel later

You have recently graduated, and are looking for a job. After a month of rejections, you’ve finally got an offer to work as a junior position in a big organization. Even though, this job isn’t something you find interesting, you took it anyway out of fear of not having any jobs. Days after days, you continue to work hoping that one day you will be promoted to a senior position or a manager, earning more money and finally pursue your dream.

It would have been nice if this plan works but most of the time, it doesn’t. I have been asking many people why they don’t travel more often, and the most common excuses I heard was they don’t have enough money, even though their salaries almost doubled from when they started.

The fact is as you earned more money, you are also spending more, creating unnecessary obligations like buying a car, a house etc. Your focus had shifted from spending money on your long term goal to spending all on short term rewards.

Solution: Change your priorities. Cars and houses can be bought at any time and age and the benefit will still be the same but traveling experience is something that is worth more than anything in the world, especially if you do it early in your life. You will learn to rely on yourself and the faster you learn that, the better you will be able to cope to anything that comes your way. Traveling is the ultimate life lesson you won’t get anywhere else, not even schools or your jobs.

 2. You believe traveling alone is dangerous and that you need some one to travel with.

If you wait for your friends to come along in your journey, you will wait for the rest of your life, I can guarantee you that. Everyone has their own different agenda, and you can’t expect people to be at the same stage in life as you all the time. Some people I know rarely see the world because they believe they will not enjoy traveling alone, and yet they have never try.

Solution: Sometime, you just have to say “Fuck it, I’ll do this alone” and travel by yourself. Traveling alone is not that dangerous if you use your common sense. To give you an example, don’t get drunk at a pub alone,  try to avoid dark empty streets and trust in your guts, you are better safe than sorry. Planning a trip alone at first can be a little overwhelming so try to keep your first trip as simple as possible. Try it and you might enjoy traveling alone more than traveling with companions.

3. “Why would I go to there? It’s dirty and smelly”

This applies to all countries that most people don’t wanna go. Knowing nothing about a place doesn’t mean that you should not visit it. I even encourage you to visit these places so that you can finally fill in the blank. I will be soloing there tomorrow and people thought I was crazy. They believe that it is a scary and dirty place, and yet they have no experience to back their claims. If you judge a country by negative things people say, you will never go anywhere.

Solution: Use this as an opportunity to proof these people wrong. Forget all those negativities and be open-minded. Accept their norms and culture, don’t deny it. You are traveling in a foreign land anyway. No one will judge you, so just go with the flow.

4. You’ll do it someday

I can tell you right here, you will never do it, no matter what the reasons are. Whether you are waiting for a stable life, to get rich, or to quit your job, that day will never come. Life will find a way to screw your plan up and you will always find excuses to put off travel indefinitely. It’s like people waiting for the recession to end. It will never end. You will just have to find a way to cope with it to survive.

Solution: The thing is if you really want to travel, you have to do it now. Create a commitment that you will not be able to back out later. I did this when decided to travel alone for the first time. I knew from my past experience that I’ll eventually back out, so I booked a flight beforehand and all I have to do now is show up. Best decision I’d ever made, and now I’m on a traveling spree.

5. You don’t want ruin your career

I’ve never heard or read anywhere that people have ruined their careers because of travel nor do I see people regretted their decision. You career will not be ruined. Most modern employers will understand how travel can help improve their employees. Some may even encourage it.

And if your employer doesn’t encourage you to expand yourself, then you might be off working for someone else that cares about your future more. Your experience traveling may even help you get an even better job when you are back home. Employers will always find these unique stories fascinating, and you can always use this as an advantage especially if you apply for any position that requires leadership.

Solution: First, go on a small trip using a few days of your available leaves and when you are ready to go further and longer, ask your employer to take leaves without pay for a few months. Most employer will have no problem approving this, that way, you will feel more comfortable pursuing your dream.

Do You really want to travel?

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein once said, so in order to travel, first you must be willing to change your believes to readjust your life so that it is heading where you want to go, not stay in the same place and expecting it to change itself.

Why don’t you travel more often? What’s stopping you? Let me know in the comment below.


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4 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Will Never Travel Around the World

  1. Hi! My boyfriend and I just made the decision to quit our jobs and travel through Southeast Asia for about 3 months! It took me a very long time to come to this decision, but when I finally did it felt amazing and haven’t regretted it since. I just started a travel blog to document the trip, and cant wait to start this new journey!


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