The City Of Love – Agra

They say travelling makes you happy and helps one find new places. With nothing to do but still wanted to explore something that’s where Agra came in action. A friend wanted me to visit Agra, a place that I have visited countless times but he wanted to show me something that is unusual.

Agra is known for Taj Mahal, which is still under a debate of being a symbol of love or lust. Well I won’t take you through all that but there certainly is a charm of Taj Mahal, either you are standing in the compound or you sitting in a balcony reading you favourite book and sipping some earl grey.

The journey was a terrible one, with these interstate buses in their worst conditions and the sun shining to its fullest, I was hot. As I reached Agra at 3 but headed straight to meet my friend. He was supposed to show me the other side of taj. Heading to the banks of yamuna it was late and the sun was almost on the last light. The crowds were rushing out back to their hotels while the travellers where heading to catch the last light at the banks of yamuna exactly behind Taj Mahal.

Taj Mahal

Standing at the banks, I got lost in the beautiful sunset over the red fort making the river shimmer in several colors. As we sat there for almost an hour without realisisng the time. It was late when we started back. With a promise to meet early morning at 4 am to be on the other bank and see the sun rise. As I lay in my bed still wondering how Taj always promises one with splendid views of the beauty.

Waking up early at 4 feels really good, once on the road I could see the full moon so close to my eyes, it felt like a huge white ball loitering in the dark sky. Moving forward I found my friend waiting for me, as we headed in the vee hours of the morning to the other bank of yamuna behind Taj Mahal. This place is really a sight for someone searching for peace. As we stood there under the misty morning sky, the birds started to chirp and the mist was floating away with the sun coming out from the horizon. It felt as the sun removed its blabket and light erupted in all directions. A sight that can make anyone fall in love with nature. As now we headed to the Mehtab Bagh, known as the place where a black Taj Mahal was to be built. After a lot of talks with the locals I came to the conclusion that black Taj Mahal was never to be built over there. The story that is the most polular is ” The Mehtab Garden behind Taj is just a garden with a huge water tank, when water is filled in the tank and on a full moon night the Taj reflects black in the pond. ”

With all the stories, myths and facts soaked into my head,we started ahead to our next stop, the local breakfast of agra, something one can never miss, dal kachoris with aloo ki sabji and the hot jaleebis, when served right out of the cooking vessel can make anyones mouth water. Finishing such a lovely breakfast has a simillar feeling of leaving your loved ones alone but this had to be done. Headed to the room alloted to me, though I had never stayed here previously but Amit had told me about the spectacular views of Taj from the windows. As I entred the room, served with a coffee, was amazed at the mesmerizing sight of the taj. The balcony overlooked the small old settelments of agra and in the horizion was the Taj, standing tall amidst the crowded city of Agra. Sipping my coffee the journey came to an end again, but will it really end? No is the answer to this, the destination might change but the journey will never end.

See you soon on another journey till then ~God Speed~


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