Resolutions for the New Year

I’ve never been very good at making New Year’s resolutions. I usually make mental notes instead; notes that I tend to forget a few weeks down the line, which means these ‘ideas’ never come to fruition… This year I’m making resolutions and writing them down, not just so that I’ll remember them, but also for accountability purposes.

Live in the moment.

While this past year has been a lot of fun, I’ve often found myself daydreaming of the future. Give me tropical jungles, mango lassis, coconut curries, sunsets with a local beer in hand, jagged karsts, and tangled beach hair from hours spent by the sea…you want to be there too, don’t you?! I’ve been very much looking forward to 2013, however, I don’t want to be the kind of person that is so engulfed in ‘what’s next’, that they forget to enjoy the present. I want to go to bed every night knowing I made the most of my day.

Balance work and play.

This year has been about a lot of hard work. Aside from helping travelers find the right destination for them to help them with the logistics, I’ve spent many nights and weekends working. Writing, editing, editing some more, pitching here, and contributing there. At times it’s felt like I’m working two full-time jobs. So, while working whilst travelling will certainly pose its own set of challenges, I’m certainly looking forward to having a bit more down time to actually live a little.

Learn how to climb summits.

Sounds like a gargantuan task, doesn’t it? As much as I love the hills (and I truly do!), I’m a bit of a disaster when you throw me on the mountain. Remember the first time I tried climb? I flipped and flopped like a bird whose wings had been removed. So rather than going big and saying that I’m ready to try climbing (I’m so not there yet), I’m going to take baby steps and aim not to go breathless while gazing at all the peaks and meadows. And I’d also like to become a stronger climber.

Volunteer along my travels.

Volunteering in Bolivia is one of the best things I have to do. I would like to work at a group home where many of the children are living with HIV/AIDS, and they would floor me with their love, laughter, and passion for life. I want to get involved in a project in Cambodia or elsewhere along the course of my travels and give back a little.

Read more.

This one is off to a good start. I’m currently engrossed in an 800+ page novel called Wanderlust. I’ve ordered some classics and travel literature to pore through during these cold winter months, as well as to take on the road. (Yes, I’m the person who adds 2 extra kilos to his backpack in books and notepads.)

Join a travel writing course.

I would enroll in the travel writing course with MatadorU, I still haven’t found the time to actually sit down and plan on it.

Live healthier.

This applies to both food and exercise. I don’t eat copious amounts of junk food.  You probably wouldn’t believe that an avocado can cost Rs. 30, and a nice apple Rs.20, but they can. I’ve dished out the cash on some occasions, but more often than not I’ve just decided to walk away. My body is craving fresh fruits! Bring on the papaya, mango, and honey apples. I also want to be more physically active – hike, bike, swim, walk.

Cheers to the New Year and to accomplishing the above! I hope you had fun celebrating wherever you were.


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