Top 15 tips to ride safely on Indian highways

These tips are for motorcycle riders and avoid the mundane like wear a helmet and don’t drink.

1. Have a disciplined way to fill gas/petrol (e.g. if you filled at 1,700km, mentally remember that 2,000 is when you should fill next). Check your tires and lights periodically.
2. Honk a lot – while overtaking, at every highway intersection, whenever you see a vehicle waiting to join or cross the highway.
3. Watch out for lots of animals (alive and dead) on the highway – honking will help for dogs; you’ll just have to avoid cows, buffaloes and donkeys.
4. You will come across unexpected potholes – if you can’t avoid them, don’t hesitate to go through them (you’ll be okay).
5. Cars and SUVs are far more dangerous than truck drivers; do not occupy the right-most lane when you see them in the mirror.
6. On highways with no dividers, be assured that vehicles will be driven on your lane; be prepared for trucks that’ll force you into the very end of your own lane. Even if you drive carefully, remember that there’s no guarantee of safety from vehicles driving in the wrong direction – just prepare for it.
7. Carry map, water, pain-spray, cash and torch at all times.
8. Wear sunscreen – lots of it – even if you are driving in the rain or a cloudy weather.
9. Keep SMSing someone periodically about your whereabouts.
10. Who your pillion rider is – is very important – it should be someone you can have fun with and can trust fully.
11. Carry a hand sanitizer and use before every single time you eat and after you pee or poop (I got one at CVS but Cinthol also makes it).
12. Do not pick fights with vehicles or people on the highway – just keep doing your thing, ignore everything else.
13. Eat moderately before the rides – don’t fill yourself up (digestion begins in the brain).
14. If you like to read, take a book (yes, you can read as a pillion and it’s fun).
15. Wear elbow and knee pads; wear a radium sticker on the back of your jacket.


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