Top Ten Things to Pack When Going on Vacation

Preparation is everything when it comes to your next vacation. From the tickets you buy to the activities you choose, you need to plan ahead in order to have a memorable time. But many people forget that what they pack might help them along the way. Here are ten things that you’ll want to fit in your suitcase that will help: 

1. A camera – When you’re trying to capture a vacation’s fun times or just the scenery, you need to have a way to do this. With the invention of digital cameras, you can shoot and shoot without having to waste film along the way, but traditional film based cameras work well too.
2. Extra film or memory cards – You need to have backup storage for your pictures as most people will take more pictures than they expect to and buying these items can be pricey in tourist areas.

3. A journal – When you write down where you went each day, it can solidify your vacation’s memories. Even if it’s just a list at the end or the beginning of each day, this is a great way to keep your vacation fresh in your mind.

4. Something to keep you warm – Whether you bring a wool sweater or a coat, even the warmest locations can have times when things get a little cooler than you expect. Be prepared.

5. An umbrella – Since you can’t predict the rain or the lack thereof, be sure to bring an umbrella on your vacation.

6. Things to do – There may be days when you don’t feel like leaving your hotel room or days when you might become ill (though hopefully not). Bring a game or some books with you to help pass this slower time.

7. Extra cash – Try to have extra cash in another location besides your wallet when you travel. In the event of theft, you will still have some money to get by.

8. Copies of your important documents – If you have a flash drive or the ability to burn CDs, make sure that you scan and save all of your important documents (passports, driver’s licenses, etc.) onto these storage devices. Should you lose your wallet or purse, you will be able to have some record of your identity.

9. A cell phone –   This will allow you to have a way to communicate no matter what.

10. Moist towelettes – While this sounds silly, invariably on your vacation you will want to clean something up or wipe off your hands. You can find a number of antibacterial moistened towels that are easily portable.


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