30 Before 30! :)

So the title gives away that I am not 30 yet. ūüėČ

I have just few months and 5 years to accomplish things on this list. Not that this list would be my guiding light for the next few years, but since making a list is so much fun and striking things off the list is even more fun, I made this list. What do you think?How many of these things do you think I will be able to complete? How many should be done? Any suggestions that I might add here? ¬†What’s on your list if you have one? Don’t worry if you are over 30, you can write your 35 before 35 or 40 before 40 lists!

  1. Complete a long Motorcycle Tour (2013 spiti)
  2. Take a solo Trip (2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013,2014 and many more to come)

    Taking Solo trips
  3. Summit a 3000m peak or above (Chandrashilla January 2014)
  4. Learn how to swim and dive into a natural pool (2013 Jispa) 
  5. Finish a mountaineering course (yet to come)
  6. Ride a camel in the desert and then stand on it! (2009 Thar Desert)
  7. Learn a new language  (French, bit of German & Irish, Spanish)
  8. Run a Himalayan Marathon  (Ladakh Marathon 2014)
  9. Spark a fire like Bear Grylls (2012 Sissu, Himachal Pradesh, while cycling)
  10. Cycle in the Himalayas  (cycESCAPE 2012 ManaliРLeh)
  11. Have my photo published in a magazine (Manthan, Awards 2012)
  12. Trek in a desert, along the beach, on the mountain (Desert- Sambhar, Mountain- Rohtang Pass from Marhi, both in 2012,Ladakh 2014,  Goa 2000)
  13. Go to a place where you can see clouds below your feet  (Prashar in Mandi, Rohtang 2012, Dharamshala 1999, Mussorie 1999, Nepal 2014)
  14. Finish the 100 Strangers Project, twice! (Missing the count of the no of strangers i have met)
  15. Cross from one Country to another on foot(Nepal, Bhutan January 2014)
  16. Go Couchsurfing (Sambhar 2012)
  17. Surf in the sea ( Pondicherry 2015)
  18. Get a tattoo in some weird language (Tibbetian and Kanji)
  19. Set foot in every state of India (Completed 1st November 2015)
  20. Go to Nepal(January 2014)
  21. Ride a SUV in the mountains (Gypsy 2012)
  22. Stay with indigenous tribes in their forest (2013) 
  23. Taste at least five kinds of local liquor (2011-2013)
  24. Raft in the Zanskar River 
  25. Give a talk on travel to a live audience  (Agra MPS college 2012)
  26. Have my face published in a news paper (Mint 1 Dec 2012)
  27. Get a photo clicked by me published in media.(Delhi Times January 2014, its for food)
  28. Win/Get invited for an all-expense-paid trip to any place exotic. (Rajasthan December 2012)
  29. Welcome the 30th year in the Himalayas ūüôā
  30. Enter the world of Travel & Photography full time !  (2012-till death)


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