A Journey That Started with Just a Picure

All thanks to Manika Negi for changing my plans to visit Rajasthan in this hot and humid climate in the months of July in India. After she showed me this picture of a beautiful lake in Himachal Pradesh. She wanted to go there and my words were am going there tomorrow.

The journey started with a bad note when i heard that the friend who was travelling with me had met an accident. Now i was all alone in the rain still with high spirits to go on. Finally i boarded the bus to Manali at 9 pm from delhi. The journey in the plains was boring and i had fallen to sleep. Suddenly i opened my eyes to the misty weather of the hills and the rain that had made the hills look even more  serene. I had reached Mandi a suburb in before Kullu & Manali.

Mandi formerly known as Mandav Nagar, a town in renowned for its 81 ancient old stone Shaivite temples and their enormous range of fine carving. Because of this, it is also often called the “Varanasi of the Hills” 

Mandi is built on the banks of the Beas River, at the confluence of the Suketi Khad stream. Sikandar Dhar, Ghugar Dhar and Dhar Kot are some of the prominent hills and mountains found near the city. Mandi is located in 31o72’N latitude and 76o92’E longitude. It has an average elevation of 1044 metres (3,425 feet).It lies on the Midlands of the Himalyan range.

I had no interest in the town so i tried to walk down in the valley to reach the basin on Beas river sat there for almost the entire day gazing the sunset and the serenity of the hills. As the sun came down i climbed the Tarna Hill 2.5 Km above Mandi to dive in the beautiful sunset and to see the clear skies.

I wanted to reach the lake as soon as possible so i booked a cab for the next morning at 4 Am. I had slept only an hour when the alarm rang the bell for 3:40 am. As i checked out of the hotel and reached the place where the cab was supposed to come. Mandi was beautiful in the morning. The sun was about to break anytime, suddenly the cab driver approached me saying it had rained heavy last night and was impossible to reach Prashar.

I wanted to go there so we drove as far as i could and in the landslides and waterfalls that broke out of the hills due to the rains. We were just 10 Km away from the lake and i could spot the guest house from my camera lenses but the irony was that the road had been washed away due to a heavy landslide.

I sat there thinking of what the rains wanted from me but was confident to reach the lake, so i decided to climb the next 10 Km. The road was in such a bad shape due to the garvel that had came down but with a strong mind i climbed. After walking for almost 3 hours i realized i had only reached 200 mtr ahead. The driver asked me to stop saying that the clouds are gathering and the rain can was us away as well and we both came down before anything bad could have happened.

I continued my journey to Chandigarh and then back home, but the lake was undone. This made me even stronger to see it soon and am gonna go there this winters again no matter what happens i will reach the lake. Till then have a safe journey and travell a lot.

Godspeed~ full power.


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