Bhangarh Trip turned out to be a Mini Golden Triangle

The coil was worn-out completely and it was difficult to find some mechanic in the morning to have the RE fixed. Tilak somehow, with a heavy heart, parked his bullet near the petrol pump and jumped on to Rajeev’s bullet as a pillion (it’s indeed a very hard feeling to have your bullet parked aside while you carry on with your ride and that too the first of its kind for Tilak).

Siddhartha(Machismo 500cc) met us at IFFCO chawk along with Deepak’s 3 colleagues(Santro). We started off at around 8ish. The first stoppage was at Manesar McD to re-group and get a nice introduction of each other. We started our journey thereafter to make another stop at Dharuhera to get some cash out of YES bank ATM (the only available ATM there). We had hardly covered 5kms when one of the guys from Santro got a call from someone that his brother had met with an accident. The guys in Santro had to leave the trip in-between and they headed straight to Faridabad. Now, there someone told the other riders about a short-cut (the biggest mistake of the trip) and all took a wrong route for Bhangarh. Not realizing what we were all upto, we rode another 50 odd kms towards Alwar to reach a local Dhaba to have tea and snacks. After finishing the breakfast we pushed off to Alwar. The stretch was nice surrounded by greenery all around. On the way Deepak’s RE started missing and pick-up was becoming an issue before it halted. Others, were already ahead of them when they finally made a call to inform about the break down. Tilak and Sajeesh rode back to where they halted with the tools. Astonishingly, it was not a big issue but due to wrong fuel injection setting the spark-plug burnt out. Tilak replaced it with a new one that he was carrying as a spare and the bullet started. We then re-grouped again and started off to a non-stop ride to Bhangarh.

After a couple of stops, we reached Bhangarh at 5:30 PM. What should have been a 165kms easy ride turned out to be a nearly 400km tiring stretch. The tourists and local visitors were already getting out the fort as it was getting dark and the authorities close down the route & fort by 7ish. It really doesn’t make any sense to visit the place at the time since the lights were dim for good photography. Thinking that we will come back in morning, we all went to Dausa which is 30kms away from Bhangarh.

At Dausa we search for a good place to spend night but didn’t get a good option anywhere there. We were thinking what should we do next. Deepak always wanted to go to Bharatpur but Jaipur was also an option in other’s mind. Bharatpur was decided the next destination which was around 112kms from Dausa. On the way, Rajeev’s RE got punctured while the others were already ahead of them by around 5kms. We rode back to the petrol pump where Rajeev and Shivam had already dis-assembled the rear tyre. Shivam and Sajeesh took the tyre to a local puncture shop to get it fixed. After half-an-hour, we got the tyre back and everyone helped to put the tyre again.

We reached at a resort in Bharatpur (near Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary) at 11:30 PM. Deepak had already got the resort booked for us through his contacts. The best part of the resort was it’s swimming pool. Before having dinner everyone went to the pool to get fresh. Deburids who never swam in their life too tried their hands on diving and swimming techniques from Tilak and Deepak. After having dinner, all went to sleep.

Next morning, we went to Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary which was only 5 minutes away from the resort. Though the season was not conducive for migratory birds; yet we managed to see a few species. No one could recollect the names of the species yet we have captured all whatever we encountered. The weather was very hot and humid and it was becoming difficult for us to get out in Sun. Somehow, we were able to capture the scenic beauty through our cameras. Deepak tried to contact one of his friends who does some research on snakes. We thought that he could have showed us some species of snake from wild but unfortunately, he was not available. At the sanctuary, we had tea and snacks before starting our journey back to Delhi.

On way back to Delhi, we halted for a while at Fatehpur Sikri. Post photography, we headed straight towards Agra to reach Delhi-Agra highway. The journey back to Delhi was not easy since most of us were feeling sleepy. It was already night when were around 150kms away from Delhi. Negi’s RE conked off and it didn’t start. Tilak came for rescue where he found the point plate gap became narrow below the required limit. He did some tweaking and after half-an-hour of mechanical job, it started thumping again. There was no stopping thereafter and we reached Delhi at 1:00 AM.

Though, the trip was named as “Haunted Ride to Bhangarh” it turned out to be a Mini Golden Triangle.


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