The top 10 Motorcycle Tours in the World


Have you ever thought about all the great places that exist to ride a motorcycle around the world. The places I really let my thoughts run wild!

I have put together a top 10 list of places I want to ride in the world, actually I have had this list for a while now however this is the first time I am publishing it.

• 1. Europe.

The classic European alpine countries. First place goes to what is one of the most popular riding areas for motorcycle tours, the many varied loops from Germany via Switzerland, Italian Dolomites and Austria.

• 2. North America.

The Rocky Mountains. The ride I have in mind stretches from the Canadian British Columbia down through Montana, Wyoming to Colorado, or visa-versa.

• 3. Japan.

A place still largely unexplored by riders from other countries yet boasting alps as big as Europe with no expense spared perfect roads and amazing scenery.

• 4. Europe.

The Pyrenees, France and Spain. Back to Europe because the alps cover too much ground to try and ride in one tour unless you have a lot of time. The French and Spanish alps are said to be less touristy and better to ride than the traditional alpine areas. I think if you ride the other off season then that argument may be void. However watching Le Tour each year I nearly drool looking at the roads in this area and have been known to talk out loud to myself while viewing Le Tour saying something like “goddam I must ride that road”

• 5. New Zealand.

The Southern Alps. Again another place I have on my wish list for a very long time.

• 6. Scandinavia. Norway.

I have held a long interest in the culture and landscapes of the Scandinavian countries. There are some famous roads in Norway, the Eagle road and the Trolls road to mention a couple, these are consistently rated amongst the most scenic roads in the world.

• 7. Mediterranean islands.

Corsica, Sardinia & Sicily. These 3 islands hold some incredible roads that like Spain have riders consistently rating as some of the best riding to be found anywhere. I wanted to visit Sicily long before finding out it was a good ride.

• 8. Australia.

Tasmania via East coast. Now I am not saying the above countries are better than the riding here because each is special in its own way and Australia too has it’s own amazing riding.

• 9. South Africa. Capetown to Jo’burg.

I first got the idea of riding South Africa from reading new motorcycle launch reviews that seemed to happen there quite often. The roads look very scenic along the ocean with great curves. Certainly the test riders never wrote a bad thing about the riding except to say watch out for the odd monkey.

• 10. Leh-Ladakh.

There is nothing to write about, you can only feel it once you are down here. The Majestic Mountains on Earth.


I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

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